During the time my Homepage has been online, I've
recieved many questions about it. I created this
FAQ to try to answer some of those questions.
I hope this helps. Now on to 12 questions!

1.) How did you make your website?

    I design my web site all by myself. I normally use plain and simple html for it. I've never used an editor because I don't like them. It's easier for me to write all codes manually (in Notepad).


2.) How do you make / find your graphics?

    I use Adobe Photoshop for all my graphics right now. If there is something that I don't make, I will visit a web site that contains FREE approved clip art and animations, etc. From my time on the net, I have collected a huge collection of things like that on my computer, so I usually look there first for something I need.


3.) Will you make me a homepage?

    I wish that I could make a page for everyone that asked me, unfortunately I can't. I spend most of my free time on the net doing updates to ErikaWeb as well as reading and responding all my e-mail.


4.) Will you make me a graphic?

    Again, I wish that I had time to help everyone out, but I still don't have enough time to make personal graphics for people. There are, however, many sites on the net in which you might be able to find what you are looking for.


5.) How many emails do you get per day?

    I usually get about 10 e-mails on average per day. (the personal ones from people I've never heard of before). If I include ALL mail I get it's lots more! I ALWAYS try to respond to every email that needs a reply :) (can take a few weeks sometimes)


6.) Why don't you really chat?

    When I first got on the net, I chated a lot to begin with. Everything was all so new to me, and I wanted to try everything out. As I got used to the net chat was still cool, but it got old too fast for me. Once I found the net, html, and web design, there was no turning back. Now, though I wouldn't mind stoping in for a chat once in a while. I really don't get much of a chance to have enough free time for that. So many things going on at once keep me pretty busy. But I'm talking to people sometimes...through ICQ, mostly sending messages.


7.) Can you help me with HTML?

    I don't mind helping people, but it got to a point where I was answering simple questions 20 times a day, and I thought that I should make it easier for people. That is why I created HTML Workshop on ErikaWeb. If you are having HTML trouble, please check this out first. If there is something that you can't find there or from one of my links, I'll be glad to help you out.


8.) How did you win so many awards?

    Well, I do hope that I have earned them all, but to be honest I don't know. All of my awards were given to me without applying for them. That really means a lot to me :)


9.) Do you design web sites for other people?

    Yes, I've already made some sites for companies, stores etc. I have a great time doing it, and I make good money :) If you want me to build Your site just send me an e-mail.


10.) Can you add my link to your site?

    Nope, not yet. But I have some plans for it later on...


11.) How often do you update your site?

    I try to add something big when I can, but time doesn't always allow me to do that. Depending on how much time I have and what ideas I have, updates can vary from minor details to major sections added. Keep your eyes open, you never know when something will be new.


12.) How do I know when your site is updated?

    I used to have an update list from Listbot. But I'm not using it anymore, thinking about adding something else instead... A new "What's New" page will be here some day.