My own opinion

Really, what's the big problem? I can't really understand why so many people complain about the use of frames. Frames is an incredible invention, which enables people to create fast-loading pages with little or no effort.

I do know that many people use frames badly, so that the end result is more confusing than enlighting. This is to a great extent due to personal incompetence, rather than flaws in the browser, I think. Everyone have seen badly designed pages WITHOUT frames, too, and therefore you should expect that some
framed pages are bad too. Simple logic, I'd say.

I believe in using frames in order to enable the user to quickly navigate the available pages, by clicking on a menu-like "Table of Contents" in one frame, and get the result in another frame. Of course, this should only be done with internal links, and NOT with links pointing to an external page. That page should be loaded on top of everything else, so that it's not obscured by the previous framed page. Lots of people ignore this, and few of them do anything about it, even when someone points it out to them. That's irritating!!!

I'm sure a lot of you people visiting my pages disagree with me when it comes to my use of frames, but as the webmaster of this particular page: That's really not MY problem! If you can't take it, just leave. There's plenty others who have seen the right purpose of frames, and are able to navigate a framed page.
I've gotten quite a few e-mails about the subject, and every one of them has had something negative to say about my use of frames. I was prepared for this when I made my first pages with frames, right after frames was implemented in Netscape 3.0, but NOW I really can't see why people complain.

That ought to be enough about that particular subject......

Erika Holmsten © 1998