You Need This

Basic Things
What you need to be able to create pages like these:
  • Computer with modem - PC (or Mac) will work fine.

  • SLIP or PPP connection to the Internet, complete with graphical browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

  • Graphic editor capable of saving to GIF/JPEG format. We recommend Paint Shop Pro.

  • Knowledge of HTML. Check the site "HTML tags", you'll find it in the menu.

  • Good places to submit links to your page. A good place to start is Submit-It, which automatically submits your listing to manyservers at once.

  • Text editor. Notepad will work fine. Or, you can get one of the add-ons for WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. But, we repeat, a simple text editor will work just fine!

That's it, boys & girls... HTML is fairly easy to create once you get the hang of it. Once you have your page completed and looking good, then go to a low-cost provider and negotiate for a good rate by the Megabyte, plus an FTP account so that you can make changes at any time.

Erika Holmsten © 1998