HTML tags

Index of tags
  !... Comments. Any text between will not display in the browser.
  !DOCTYPE Describes the HTML version used in the current document.
  A Stands for Anchor. The HREF attribute creates hyperlinks. The NAME attribute creates named references.
  ADDRESS Specifies a mailing address.
  APPLET Embeds a Java applet.
  AREA Describes the shape of an "hot-spot" in a client-side image map.
  B Renders text in boldface.
  BASE Specifies a document's URL.
  BASEFONT Sets the base font value.
  BGSOUND Adds background sounds that play on initial load.
  BIG Enlarges the font size.
  BLOCKQUOTE Sets apart a quotation in text.
  BODY Specifies the beginning and end of the document body.
  BR Inserts a line break.
  CAPTION Specifies a caption for a table.
  CENTER Centers text and images.
  CITE Indicates a citation.
  CODE Presents a code sample.
  COL Sets the properties of a column.
  COLGROUP Sets the properties of one or more columns as a group.
  COMMENT Indicates a comment. Text does not display in a browser.
  DD Specifies definition data.
  DFN Formats a defined term.
  DIR Denotes a directory list.
  DIV Sets a document division.
  DL Denotes a definition list.
  DT Specifies a definition term. Used to format the defined term.
  EM Emphasizes text, usually by rendering text in italics.
  EMBED Indicates an embedded object.
  FONT Formats the font style, size, and color.
  FORM Denotes a form.
  FRAME Denotes independent frames within a page.
  FRAMESET Specifies the layout for frames within a page.
  HN Renders text in header style. The n is a value from 1 to 6.
  HEAD Marks the HTML document heading.
  HR Inserts an horizontal rule to separate sections.
  HTML Marks the file as an HTML document.
  I Renders text in italics.
  IFRAME Defines a floating frame.
  IMG Inserts a graphic file.
  INPUT Specifies a form control.
  ISINDEX Indicates the presence of a searchable index.
  KBD Renders text in a fixed-width font.
  LI Denotes a list item.
  LINK Establishes a hierarchical organization for navigating between documents.
  LISTING Renders text in a fixed-width font.
  MAP Specifies a collection of hot-spots in a client-side image map.
  MARQUEE Displays text in a scrolling marquee.
  MENU Denotes a list of items.
  META Provides information about the document.
  NOBR Turns off line-breaking.
  NOFRAMES Indicates content viewable only by browsers that do not support frames.
  OBJECT Inserts an OLE control.
  OL Specifies an ordered list of items.
  OPTION Denotes one choice in a list box.
  P Denotes a new paragraph.
  PARAM Specifies object properties.
  PLAINTEXT Renders text in a fixed-width font without processing elements.
  PRE Displays text exactly as typed, with all the spacing and line breaks.
  S Renders text in strikethrough type.
  SAMP Specifies sample text.
  SCRIPT Specifies the inclusion of a script.
  SELECT Denotes a list box or drop-down list.
  SMALL Decreases the font size.
  SPAN Applies style information to the enclosed text.
  STRIKE Renders text in strikethrough type.
  STRONG Emphasizes text, usually with bold.
  SUB Renders text in subscript.
  SUP Renders text in superscript.
  TABLE Creates a table.
  TBODY Defines the table body.
  TD Creates a cell in a table.
  TEXTAREA Creates a box in which a user can enter and edit text.
  TFOOT Defines the table footer.
  TH Creates a row or column heading in a table.
  THEAD Defines the table header.
  TITLE Specifies the document title that appears in the browser title bar.
  TR Creates a row in a table.
  TT Displays text in fixed-width type.
  U Renders text underlined.
  UL Formats lines of text as a bulleted list.
  VAR Displays text in a small, fixed-width font.
  WBR Inserts a soft line break.
  XMP Displays text in fixed-width font.

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