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Valentine's Day is a special day to me. A day for expressions of love to those we care about. We sometimes forget how important it is for people to know how we feel, and this day reminds us to share our thoughts, and feelings. To those of you I love, let me again say, I Love You!! To friends and acquaintances, far and near, you must know that friendship is something I value above most other things, thank you for sharing your time and life with me. To my many 'Net friends, thank you for being part of my life, I enjoy having you inside my computer, and value the time we spend.

So go ahead, forget your reservations and share yourself and your feelings on Valentine's Day. There are many ways to make your loved ones happy, and to make them love you even more. The list of links below has pages with many more suggestions than I could put on this page. Explore, be creative, and remember that there is nothing as special as Love. The world needs more love, as much as possible, so be a contributor, and spread your love around! You will get back much more than what you give.

Pssst... When you think you are finished here in my Love Palace, let me remind you of ErikaWeb, my main site where you can find info about me and lots of other categories. Containing everything from Postcard Office, Midi Collection, Cyberspace Journey and much more!
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