How It Can Be
Right Before Christmas

During this time of year, we begin to sense a change in the air. The weather begins to change and some of us have snow in our yards. One gets the feeling that Christmas is in the air and it gives us a sense of expectancy. Seems that, when the cold weather rolls around each year, we just assume Christmas is "right around the corner".

Even before Thanksgiving has come and gone, the malls begin to dress up for Christmas. The Christmas trees are decorated, garland is everywhere and the lights are turned on. The Christmas season has begun, and Tom Turkey isn't even out of the oven.

So our houses are all a glow with lights everywhere, the Christmas tree has been decorated, and we are into the spirit of the season. The sound of Christmas music fills the air. Everywhere you go, the music is playing. It makes you warm all over to hear the Christmas carols. But what is there left to do? Go shopping, of course!! We have gifts to buy for all our family members and the time is growing short. Just what do we buy them? Doesn't matter as long as there is a nice gift under the Christmas tree Christmas morning. Just to see those faces light up means the 'world' to us. There is no feeling better than seeing your children's eyes light up with excitement, their voices ring with laughter, when their dreams are realized on Christmas morning.

Off to the malls we go with our lists in hand. The children have told us what they want under the Christmas tree, but we, as parents, know what's best for our child. Do we give them that dreaded toy they have yearned all year for after seeing it on a television program, or do we give them something constructive, like a computer game for learning or maybe a new bike? Sometimes we are guilty of falling under the pressure of the Christmas spirit so we won't disappoint our children and buy that dreaded toy. But then, when the day is gone, the ribbons and paper have been put in the garbage and the excitement is no longer there, that toy they longed for seems never to hold their attention for long.

The Christmas season traditions wouldn't be complete without a visit to see Santa. He has made his way down from the 'North Pole' to the malls during November and is waiting to talk with all the youngsters. And all the youngsters can't wait to sit upon Santa's knee, to give him their lists of toys that they would like under that Christmas tree come Christmas morning. And Mom and Dad are straining those ears to hear every word their child says to Santa. Some do have children that won't confide in Mom and Dad and let them know what they would like. They only tell Santa, for after all, 'he' is the one that puts those toys under that tree for them to find!

Finally, Christmas has arrived, the gifts are under the Christmas tree, and your home is a glow with excitement! The house quickly fills with guests coming for that big Christmas dinner. What a feast on that dining room table!!

The meal was so scrumptious! After all, there was so much to choose from to satisfy our taste buds. When we all finished our meal, and slid back the chairs, we could hardly move! Seems we forget on Christmas day that we've gone all year trying to avoid stuffing, and come away from that table miserable... Oh, what a Christmas!