Write To Santa...

Welcome to the North Pole Post Office. I, Lenster, the head Elf of Santa's Workshop, North Pole, do hereby invite all youngsters or their parents to write to Santa! We really like receiving your mail, especially Santa. He is here almost every day checking if he has received any mail. When he does, you should hear the cheerful HO HO HOs. He really loves receiving letters describing how the boys and girls of the world celebrate Christmas. So, please write him a letter telling how you are planning to celebrate the greatest day of the year. If your letter is really good, he will post them here for all the elves to read.

Santa needs these letters now, and promises to answer each and every one as soon as he can, up until the Eve of the 24th of December, when he will be rather busy! (And after that he's going on vacation, so he won't be around for a while).

Folks, please remember to get your email addresses right, or Santa won't be able to write you back! He's talented, but getting on in years, his memory is getting a little fudged...

Dear Santa,

My name is

and I am years old.

My email address is

I wanted to tell you this: