Christmas Decorating

table door chest

Here are a few ideas for "Decking The Halls"

Homespun Decorations

  • An old fashioned cut glass cake plate makes a beautiful base for a Victorian centerpiece.

  • Pick one room to do all your Christmas wrapping and crafting. Put a "Santa's Workshop" sign on the door.

  • Arrange your childrens stuffed animals under the tree until the packages arrive, or maybe your own teddy bear, doll or basket collection!

  • Cranberries make colorful pebbles for your holiday flower arrangements.

  • Green ivy topiaries in terra cotta pots are beautiful and festive on the windowsill or mantel.

  • Center a votive candle under a tin grater for a beautiful candlelight. Tie a bow to the handle.

  • Raffia, strips of homespun fabric tied into bows, cranberries (or wooden beads painted that color), garlands of dried apples, orange slices and bay leaves make great garlands and many can be used year round!

  • Set up little vignettes of your Christmas collections (nutcrackers, snowmen, angels etc.) on side tables, in bay windows and ledges, or on the mantle.

  • Fill crockery bowls with scented pinecones and apples.

  • Line cupboard shelves with bright holiday plaid towels.

  • Don't forget greenery for the tops of your cabinets.

  • Christmas Tree Decorations

  • Chandelier prisms make beautiful icicle ornaments for your Christmas tree!

  • Coat a faded glass ball ornament with white glue, roll in glitter and hang to dry! Instant sparkle!

  • Buy clear glass Christmas bulbs and fill with potpourri, sparkles or your own creative idea. Top with ribbon, pearl beads and tiny ribbon silk flowers.

  • Tuck bunches of fresh/dried babies breath in the branches. Other dried flowers work nicely!

  • String popcorn and cranberries together. It's easier if you let the popcorn sit out for 24 hours and use dental floss.

  • Buy several different kinds and sizes of ribbons, make bows and drape them through the tree like garland.

  • Use fabric strips to make bows and give your tree a homespun/country feel.

  • Make gingerbread shapes to use as ornaments. Dried apples and oranges make beautiful garlands or ornaments.

  • Spray gold paint on pinecones to give an elegant touch.

  • Buy small lace doilies, put them in a solution of glue and water, let dry. This will stiffen them so they can hang like snowflakes on the tree.

  • Make several theme trees and put them around the house (any size will do) and use your creativity and imagination coming up with different and unusual themes!