My Own Thoughts

Ah! The smells of Holiday baking are in the air, the tree is alight and delightfully decorated! The room has the glow of happiness everywhere! Presents beneath the tree, stockings hung, children with eyes bright and shining in anticipation of Santa Clause's visit! The Christmas train circles the tree and rings it's Christmas tunes out upon the family, for their enjoyment! Beautifully decorated cookies, cakes, and a Christmas feast awaits, the table magically transformed into a bright and colorful masterpiece!

I have found that my love for Christmas has grown the older I get, and I tend to start getting excited about Christmas fairly early, sometimes even around the end of August. Now I know that seems early but something happens and it just gets my mind racing about Christmas. So call me crazy if you will, but that's how it goes for me.

As a child, it seemed like forever till Christmas came! Now, as an adult, I still feel that sense of expectancy inside as Christmas approaches. It also seems that Christmas comes sooner than it use to when I was a child... The years seem to just speed up as we get older somehow!

To me, the Christmas Spirit can make the best come out in everybody. I've seen people who are normally have a rotten dispostion the rest of the year, but at Christmastime, they seem to be the most friendly person in the world. The moral here is that Christmas can bring out the best (and the kid) in all of us if we just believe in the spirit of Christmas.

One of the things I like to do at Christmas is go shopping for gifts. Other people say it is the worst thing they ever do. I quite enjoy it. Sure, I may grumble and even curse, but deep down I know I am trying to buy something for somebody, and hopefully make it nice for the amount I can afford.

Santa is one of the most recognizable Christmas characters of the season. I really admire him too. I mean how many people do you know that spend all year long just preparing so that the next year everyone has all their wishes answered? I unfortunately can't say I know to many people like this. He's jolly and loves children. I mean let's face it, Santa is a pretty great guy, don't you think?