Have You Been
Naughty Or Nice?

You know I have lots of children who worry every year about wether they made the nice or naughty list... I don't think that children should worry because if you have been good all year you will know it and so will I.

Top ten ways to make the Naughty list

  1. Shoving toys and stuff under the bad instead of putting it away.
  2. Not doing homework or practicing lessons.
  3. Trying to find hidden Christmas presents.
  4. Stretching your Christmas stocking so it holds more.
  5. Teasing anyone especially brothers and sisters.
  6. "Forgetting" to feed your pets.
  7. Not doing your chores.
  8. Talking back to your Mom or Dad (or teachers).
  9. Putting out milk for Santa Claus that's seven days beyond the expiration date.
  10. Hitting, biting, throwing, spitting, or hurting anyone in any way.

Top ten ways to make the Nice list

  1. Let someone else have the last piece.
  2. Recycle your aluminum, paper, plastic and glass.
  3. Share the TV remote.
  4. Volunteer to do a chore everyday.
  5. Refill the ice cube trays.
  6. Get your pet from an animal shelter.
  7. Give your little brother or sister the foul ball at a baseball game.
  8. Be nice for no reason to someone you do not know.
  9. Volunteer to help the needy other than at Christmas.
  10. Tell your Mom and Dad you love them every day.