The Christmas Quiz

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  1. What was Saint Nicholas dressed in from his head to his foot in "Twas the Night Before Christmas"?
    a. Red
    b. Fur
    c. Soot

  2. Where did Saint Nicholas live?
    a. Scandinavia
    b. Lapland
    c. Myra

  3. How Many geese are laying in "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?
    a. Seven
    b. Six
    c. Four

  4. When are the Twelve Days of Christmas?
    a. From Christmas to Epiphany
    b. From St. Nicholas Day thru Christmas Day
    c. The 23 days following the winter solstice

  5. What is the name of George Bailey's guardian angel in "It's a Wonderful Life"?
    a. Charlie
    b. Clarence
    c. Clancy

  6. What movie was the song "White Christmas" written for?
    a. Holiday Inn
    b. White Christmas
    c. The Bells of Saint Mary's

  7. John C. Horsley is noted as the:
    a. Composer of Messiah
    b. Designer of the First Xmas Card
    c. Author of "Twas the Night Before Xmas