Santa's Vacation


As much as everyone loved Colorado, they knew it was time to move on. They all looked forward to the adventures that awaited them in Michigan. The scenery was beautiful, just as they remembered it.

When they arrived, a special welcoming committee was on hand to greet them. Everyone spent a couple of days resting up and then it was time to explore!

Some of Santa's friends set up a round of golf while the reindeer ventured out to ice-skate.

Blizten set off on his own for some ice fishing while Rudolph discovered the thrill of snowboarding. The elves and reindeer knew that Santa had one secret dream...a little one on one basketball with Grant Hill.

Santa remembered visiting Grant as a little boy and knew he would turn out to be a great player when he grew up. They made a few calls, then told Santa they had a very special surprise for him. As they neared the Palace of Auburn Hills they pulled out Santa's duffel bag and yelled surprise! Grant met them at the door and on the way in showed Santa some pictures of the Pistons championships.

Good thing Santa had worked out back in Colorado, because Grant put him to the test.

Santa got his wish filled that day, just as he has filled many wishes for many children throughout the years. Their time in Michigan was drawing to a close. All of Santa's friends were going to miss him, the elves and the reindeer. His forest friends planned a big send off party to say goodbye.  A good time was had by all.

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