Misc Christmas Ideas

  1. Put a Christmas message on your answering machine

  2. Bake cookies with your kids, or someone elses!

  3. Build a snowman

  4. Buy a gift for a person less fortunate than you

  5. Make your own personal Christmas cards

  6. Baby-sit for a friend so she can go Christmas shopping

  7. Sit in front of a roaring fire, listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and stir it with a cinnamon or peppermint stick.

  8. Help an elderly person decorate for the holidays

  9. Be patient

  10. Have a cookie exchange party

  11. Start a tradition

  12. In a traffic jam? Sing Christmas Carols!

  13. Start an ornament collection for your kids to take with them when they grow up

  14. String some popcorn

  15. Invite a single person to spend the holidays with you

  16. Make snow cream

  17. Tack your first Christmas card of the season above your front door for good luck all year long

  18. Wear bells on your sneakers

  19. Go see your local Christmas parade

  20. Bake Christmas goodies and share them with your neighbors

  21. Wish everyone you see a Merry Christmas!

  22. If you are giving toys that need batteries, include them in the package with the gift.

  23. Never use a new recipe for a holiday dinner! Try it out first.

  24. Decorate your car with a wreath or bow (static cling decorations are great for the windows, just be sure you don't block your view)

  25. Be courteous

  26. Watch Christmas cartoons with your kids, and re-capture those wonderful memories from your childhood!

  27. Remember, calories don't count on Christmas Day!

  28. Use a Christmas cookie cutter for a package decoration

  29. Make any reservations you need EARLY

  30. In a long line of traffic, let someone in

  31. Put an "open me first" gift under the tree for the kids, to keep them entertained till you get up. (a game perhaps?)

  32. Buy a live Christmas tree that you can plant after Christmas

  33. Have a snowball fight!

  34. Get a plain white tablecloth, some paint pens, and have everyone sign their name and write a holiday message. Then use it every year

  35. Go caroling with your family

  36. Hang a wish list on the fridge early in the year for people to write down gift ideas

  37. Keep all your receipts and write the name of the recipient in the back

  38. Send your packages early

  39. Replace any burnt out lights BEFORE you put them away for next year

  40. Put shiny Christmas confetti in your Christmas card envelopes (kids love it!)

  41. Always say thank you for what you receive, no matter what it is!

  42. Mistletoe, holly and poinsettias are poisonous to humans and animals

  43. Make a nature tree for the animals with strings of cranberries, popcorn and pinecones covered in peanut butter and rolled in bird seed

  44. Read Christmas stories to your kids

  45. Grab your loved one and cruise around town looking at Christmas lights while you listen to Christmas music

  46. Go sledding with your kids

  47. Don't forget to buy the film and batteries for your camera

  48. Do a good deed everyday, either help someone, compliment someone or even just a give smile and do this year around not just at Christmas!